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butterfly universe 1.jpgcallaway gardens butterfly 1 adjusted.jpgcallaway gardens butterfly 2.jpgcaseville sand spider 1.jpgcheckerspot butterfly 1.jpgcynthia moth 06 2.jpggreat fritillary butterfly on loosestrife 1.jpggreat fritillary butterfly on loosestrife 2.jpggreat spangled fritilliary 1.jpggreat spangled fritilliary 05 2.jpghairstreak butterfly 1.jpgio moth eye spot closeup 1.jpgkatydid on milkweed 06 1.jpgluna moth 06 3.jpgluna moth 06 4.jpgmilkweed beetles peeking at you 1.jpgmonarch butterfly on aster.jpgmonarch on cone flower.jpgmonarch on gloriosa daisy 1.jpgmonarch on loosestrife 1.jpg

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Alex Prokop
Very nice gallery. Some stunning butterflies I have never seen before.
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